Palo Alto

Welcome to Palo Alto


The city that’s home to world-renowned Stanford University is also a hotbed for tech, and you can feel both intellectualism and innovation in the air here, where commuters take in the strollable downtown after work before ducking into quaint, quiet neighborhood streets.

Key Details

    The “Birthplace of Silicon Valley", Palo Alto is home to many influential high-tech companies and its residents are among America's most educated.

    Students and tech workers letting off steam over beers downtown in this hardworking suburb.

    Gorgeous Stanford within reach and arboreal abundance.

    High price points for modest homes.

    A spirit of hopeful innovation that exudes from everything and a relaxed, healthy lifestyle.


Tech Friendly, Students, Educated, Vibrant Downtown, Suburban Downtown

Around The Block

Palo Alto:
A vibrant epicenter for all things tech.

Palo Alto is the true heart of Silicon Valley, since this is where a number of young startups — like Facebook, Pinterest and Paypal — grew their legs and companies like Tesla Motors and Hewlett-Packard still reside, welcoming in tech workers from around Silicon Valley and beyond.


What To Expect:
Excitement downtown surrounded by cozy, friendly neighborhoods.

Cute boutiques, bursting-at-the-seams pubs and busy coffee shops packed with laptop-gazing millennials are the norm, but so are peaceful streets with homes close enough to bring the neighborhood together.

The Lifestyle:
Students and tech workers let off steam over drinks and dinner downtown in this hardworking suburb.

Innovation and academics dominate conversations here during the week, while weekends are spent relaxing: perhaps wandering down University Ave. in search of brunch or meandering through sunlit trails in any one of Palo Alto’s 30 parks.

Unexpected Appeal:
Gorgeous Stanford within reach and arboreal abundance.

Palo Alto is chock-full of oaks and other towering trees along its lanes and open spaces — which make up roughly a third of this city’s acreage — but nearby Stanford is Palo Alto’s intellectual roots. The occasional evening lecture or after-work course simply can’t be helped.

The Market:
High price points for modest homes.

Palo Alto is a home of big tech, and the market is a reflection of that. With a median home price of $2.8 million, you have your choice of charming ranches or modern two-story homes on gridded streets with relatively small lots, but you can expect to pay: Even a condo here will go for more than a million or two.

You'll Fall In Love With:
A spirit of hopeful innovation that exudes from everything and a relaxed, healthy lifestyle.

Thrilling job opportunities and a buzz of excitement in town might draw you in, but fresh vegetables at the weekly farmer’s market and weekends dedicated to being outside in the perfectly temperate weather will surely make you stay.


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